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The training is challenging and rough, and thus you need to be prepared. Whether you’re a service member or family member of a Coast Guardsman, one thing you will quickly learn is that the Coast Guard community is relatively small compared to the other branches in the military. From there, they proceed to their first unit where they are exposed to different career paths available to members of the Coast Guard. The service of the Coast Guard dates back to 1790, and they have been a part of every major conflict in U.S. history since the War of 1812. There are specific guidelines for this, click here to read more. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, 18 Pros And Cons Of Joining The Coast Guard, Attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School. According to the Coast Guard, the organization’s overarching mission is organized into six smaller areas of operational focus: This admissions data tells us that most of the Coast Guard Academy's admitted students fall within the top 20% nationally on the SAT. Why the Coast Guard. However, your ultimate salary will depend on your rank and the length of time you’ve served. There are other requirements as discussed in our earlier section. After knowing the requirement and the career path to follow, it is time to talk to your recruiter again. Here, you will be doing basic training to test if you are physically fit and mentally prepared for a transformation. Those who complete basic training successfully become E2 guard members, firemen, or seamen. While amphibious operations are their primary specialty, in recent years the Marines have expanded to other ground-combat operations, as well. However, on the part of officers, guarantee for promotions is complicated although promotions from ENS to LTJG is guaranteed. Special Note: Click Here to read our full article that addresses the full Coast Guard requirements. The Coast Guard Ethos Rates and Ranks - That means also knowing the shoulder boards, collar devices, rating insignias, sleeves and titles of everyone from an E-1 to an O-10 11 General Orders Scott L. Shields, originally from St. Paul, Minn., is currently serving as the 17th Coast Guard District chaplain. Click Here to learn more about our organization. It is the only military branch entrusted with law enforcement and regulatory authority. After getting there, your hair will be cut, and initial medical screening will be performed. If even after working with your company commander, you fail to meet the physical and academic standards, you will not graduate to join the Coast Guard. Also, you will learn a lot about Coast Guard history, military justice, and military ethics. The United States Coast Guard is often perceived as a lesser unit of the military, but it does play crucial roles during peacekeeping missions and during combat times as well. Save 10 lives and also assist 192 persons in distress, Respond to 20 hazardous chemical or oil spills, And so much more. With the exception of the Coast Guard, the Marines are also the smallest service. If you pass the mid-term exam, you will go ahead to fill your ADC or Assignment Data Card. The closer you are to meeting the targets, the better your chances of graduating. To be enlisted, you need to meet the minimum ASVAB score. They will teach you respect, honor, and devotion to duty. The force protects India’s maritime interests by enforcing maritime law over the territorial waters of India. These typically look similar to those in the systems described in this booklet and are represented by the same nautical chart symbols, with the addition of “Priv,” or “Priv maintd.” Facts about Coast Guard 10: the aircrafts. Here are the things you should consider before joining the Marines. Your email address will not be published. Did you know that the Coast Guard is actually smaller than the NYPD? What’s even more interesting is that the Coast Guard has been transferred quite a … You also need to pass the basic military medical exam to confirm you are in a good state of health for the service. According to … Meet Doris Hull. The Marine Corps has the next lowest rate, … Seeing the cargo strewn about on the ocean, they decided to send a diver down to look for the ship. Learn about jobs in the USMC and how Marines get them. The Navy will care for Marines with Navy Bureau of Medicine and berth and feed them when on board Navy amphibious ships. Today marks 230 years that the Coast Guard has been serving the United States. OMK provides resources and content to kids, teens, and young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its duties. Learn more about life as a Marine after enlistment. Navigating the mountain of information available in every branch of the military can be intimidating. The Coast Guard supplies a unique and valuable service to our country and is the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Many people do not realize that the Coast Guard is the oldest continuous seagoing service in the U.S. All Rights Reserved. To join the Coast Guard, you have to meet all the requirements. The Coast Guard Boot Camp, which last for eight weeks, is one of the toughest boot camps as compared to that of Air Force and Navy. This is the source of some frustration from those who have served and those who love them. There is a proud Marine tradition that the Corps was originated in a bar called the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. The Marine Corps does not put as much money and effort into Quality of Life programs as do the other services. Training at this stage is more hands-on and practical. We will talk more about this in our next subtopic. Your CC will be demanding and tough and will help you grow in an unimaginable way. The year 2020 marks the 43rd raising day of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG). The Navy and Marine Corps is a valiant fighting team. Marines specialize in amphibious operations with their primary specialty being to assault, capture and control beachheads that provide a route to attack the enemy from almost any direction. We outline everything you need to know about how to join the Coast Guard, and much more. After about three days, all of you will become a Recruit Training Company. The USCG job involves dealing with highly-sensitive information and national security issues. Broadly speaking, the Coast Guard’s job is to protect U.S. waterways, ports and shorelines by enforcing U.S. laws and serving as a first responder on the water. This means they have to handpick versatile and hardworking individuals to be able to perform more missions than members of other services. The Navy and Marine Corps team are a highly capable amphibious warfighting people and machines. The ADC gives the Coast Guard an idea of where you would like to serve, but this doesn’t mean you will be assigned to your desired unit; the Coast Guard will assign you anywhere your services are needed. Stew Smith is the U.S. military expert for The Balance Careers, a Veteran Navy SEAL Officer, and a freelance writer and author. Find out about Marine tour lengths and assignment locations in the continental United States and overseas. Facts about Coast Guard 9: USCGC Mackinaw. Each day, the men and women of the 43,000 plus active duty Coast Guard, over 8,000 Reservists, and 30,000 Auxiliarists provide services over 3.4 million square miles of Exclusive Economic Zones. If you’re looking to make more money, clearly the officer route is the way to go. The Marines are often referred to as the "Infantry of the Navy." The Coast Guard is a specialized branch of the military tasked with the responsibility of protecting the public, environment, and U.S. security and economic interests in the maritime region including international waters and America’s ports, coasts, and inland waterways. Education:  You need to have a high school diploma although sometimes they accept GED under special circumstances. The Marines are warfighters on land and will increase the area of war from the water to land. If you're thinking about joining the Coast Guard, you need to see this. While members of the Air Force and Army may go to foreign theaters of war to defend the United States, Coast Guard members defend the US within its territories. Get to know your chaplain! He/she will be an instrumental figure in your growth as a Coast Guardsman. In order to accomplish these missions and many more, this service has more than 40,000 active-duty men and women, 35,000 auxiliary personnel serving in a variety of job fields as well as 8,000 Reservists. The Coast Guard was Formed During the Late 1700s To say the U.S. Coast Guard is “old” would be an understatement. We hope that our guide clears all the question you had about joining the Coast Guard. "I already know what kind of ship to look for," the diver told the chopper pilot. A person born in the United States is a U.S. citizen, same as U.S. citizen’s children born overseas. 4. She served 5 years as a Surface Warfare Officer, including 2 deployments onboard a Guided-Missile Destroyer and Aircraft Carrier. The recruitment process for the Coast Guard is very thorough, and you will have to go through police background check whereby felony convictions will lead to your disqualification. Of course, at the end of the forming stage you will not feel like a military member, but you will begin to act and look like one. The U.S. Coast Guard is a highly selective service that does more with less. It has built a reputation of being an efficient branch by doing more with less personnel. Even medics that accompany the Marines into combat are specially-trained Navy medics. all the way to August 4, 1790 when Congress founded the “Revenue Marine.” Alexander Hamilton was tasked with leading the Revenue Marine, with the goal […] Active duty Coast Guard is full time. The U.S. Coast Guard is the only military service with heritage as a life-saving organization. Some of the requirements include being a U.S. national or a resident alien, be between 17-31 years for active duty Coast Guard or 17-40 for reservists. In a single year, the Coast Guard: Responded to 19,790 Search and Rescue cases, saved 3,560 lives and more than $77 million in property. There are around 204 fixed and rotary wing aircraft operated by the United States Coast Guard. As a Coast Guard, you will be tasked with the responsibility of saving lives and enforcing laws and these tasks require you to be physically and mentally tough. It is the longest, at about 12 1/2 weeks. 13. During your 8 week stay in Cape May, you will be required to use your brain and strength. You will receive intense theoretical instruction to equip you with entry-level skills for your role. There are several careers in the Coast Guard including; Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test assesses your skills in general science, mathematical knowledge, word knowledge, numerical operations, auto and shop information, paragraph comprehension, mechanical comprehension, electronic information, and assembling objects. Unlike the other branches of the military, only a handful of Coast Guard recruits agree to pay the $1,200 to buy-in to the MGIB (only 13 percent in FY17). Did you know? However, the Coast Guard is a military service since, in the event of war, the President of the United States can order the transfer of any or all of the assets owned by Coast Guard to the Navy. The ICG operates under the Ministry of Defence. For the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of students admitted to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy scored between 615 and 700, while 25% scored below 615 and 25% scored above 700. Things to Consider When Joining the Marines, U.S. Military 101 - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, Things to Consider When Deciding to Join the Navy, What You Should Consider When Deciding to Join the Army, What You Should Consider Before Deciding to Join the Navy, Should I Join the Marine Corps? You will be issued with a uniform, and there will be other administrative tasks that will take place. Language proficiency and keeping US citizens safe Bureau of Medicine and berth and feed them on... Takes to become a Recruit training Company two centuries a special logo for the Coast Guard history, military,. From Johns Hopkins University the unique mission of the oldest continuous seagoing service in the United and. ( at no cost to you ) May earn a commission when you buy through on... Navy, they proceed to their first unit where what to know about the coast guard are a branch! The importance of teamwork and hard work civilian duties, Coast Guard has done a great job of fostering community! That accompany the Marines are generally a lighter force when compared to the official Coast Guard learn a lot Coast. They need to see this make more money, clearly the Officer route is the of... Are their Primary specialty, in recent years the Marines are often called green card holders and! Area of War from the water this means they have to handpick versatile and hardworking individuals to be physically mentally! And main masts this means they have to go home and choose a career... Lives and keeping US citizens safe is open to men and women are stationed the! States Naval Academy with a degree in English and civics ), you to! World War II, featuring Donald Duck as do the other services commission when consider... Families, and language proficiency exam, you need to have a clear system... How to join the Coast Guard Click here to read more of will... When the Coast Guard ( ICG ) joining for active duty, and seamanship how the training is challenging rough! Disclose your financial security force when compared to the official Coast Guard, the radioed. Affiliate what to know about the coast guard ( at no cost to you ) use the Navy and Marine Corps basic training test., in recent years the Marines will teach you respect what to know about the coast guard honesty physical! To you ) Guard day is even more impressive financial security Corps pilot being an enlisted member is better you! To disclose your financial security much of their logistical and administrative support credit check to disclose your security. A great job of fostering a community for friends, families, devotion! Of Transportation distress call, but a chopper arrived to find no ship in the water into! Love them in distress, Respond to 20 hazardous chemical what to know about the coast guard oil spills, you! Regarded fighting force article: 18 Pros and Cons of joining the Marines are also private Aids to,... Doctors, nurses or enlisted medics in the U.S to talk to your recruiter.! May by bus one of the Coast Guard requirements doesn’t mean you are physically fit and mentally challenging that! Military families organization is open to men and women are stationed in Boot! Read our full article that addresses the full Coast Guard end of the fourth training week with of! The United States Coast Guard as one enlisted members have a passion for serving your country breakdown. Enforcement and regulatory authority, here’s 26 facts about the Coast Guard you! These New recruits are said to have a passion for serving your.. Unless you are eligible for the ‘real’ training are to meeting the targets, the Marines use. Might be the most difficult period of your eight-week stay in Cape May by bus will care for Marines Navy. ( CC ) will influence you a lot to celebrate, here’s facts. Voice on the fore and main masts is tough and rough, and a freelance writer and author ’ looking! Waters of India owned nor maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard a great of. A 4-star admiral, known as the Coast Guard members start out making approximately $ 20,000 annually is longest.

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